Achieving developmental outcomes for children

Five outcomes which are key to well-being in childhood and later life have been identified and must be given priority in all child care and CYCC programmes. Children should achieve these outcomes through the care of their families, as well as the support of a range of universally provided services e.g. schools, primary health care centres and leisure facilities.

Children who have undergone a Childrens Court Investigation, and have been deemed by the Department of Justice to be in need of care and protection are placed in statutory care at a CYCC for a period of up to 2 years.

The CYCC is responsible to assess developmental needs of each individual child, and facilitate developmental outcomes.

All the outcomes are interdependent and work together as a whole e.g. children learn and thrive when they are healthy, engaged and safeguarded from harm.

Our Vision Circle

Our vision is to strengthen local promotive and protective childcare capacities by association with and from non-profit organisations to give effect to the powers, functions and duties of the CYCC in order to meet the requirements of the Children’s Act.

We aim to provide an effective range of prevention, early intervention and statutory services aimed at developing resilience and ensuring that family preservation and reunification in their community of origin is the prerogative of the children, such services to be in accordance with current legislation, the regulations there under the applicable norms and standards and as contractually agreed with the Western Cape Department of Social Development.

Our staff strive to care with compassion and to be recongnised as proactive, transparent and team- orientated in their response to the changing needs of the vulnerable children in our community.

Ultimately , the core of all that we do, is to help and protect the vulnerable children in our care. Giving them a space to develop and grow, providing them with the tools to become positive ad contributing members of society.

Our Future

Masizame has been formally requested to expand our facility to house a further 24 girls in need of residential care. Masizame has self-funded the conversion of our ‘old ECD’ site, but needs sustained funding to increase the Care Staff needed to provide services 24×7.

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